About Us

Welcome to Roohan Jewellery

ROOHAN’S Jewellery is a Premium Silver Jewellery Brand for those who want to express their Personality and unique sense of style. We do not Promote our Brand merely as a Silver Jewellery brand, but as a brand who wants to bring a change and add value in the Fashion Industry with our Unique and Bold designs and by providing the highest quality products, we can proudly say our designs, our finishing on each piece of jewellery and our quality is what sets us apart from the traditional designs that are available in the market.

All our designs are Visualised first and then the designs are put on paper and once we are fully convinced about the designs, we make a single piece of each jewellery to check the aesthetics of the Jewellery and the feel of it and how it’ll look on the customer and then we start the Production, once we are fully convinced about the design. We believe in the concept of Quality over Quantity, and that is the reason why we do not manufacture our Jewellery in Bulk, we do a small batch production of 15-20 pieces of each Design to maintain the quality of each piece of jewellery that leaves our warehouse.

Each and every piece is thoroughly Quality checked by our Dedicated Quality Team and that is why we are so confident about our products and the quality that we provide. All our Products are made in 925 Sterling Silver with 925 Hallmarks on them. Sterling Silver is the Purest form of silver in which the jewellery can be designed and worn because it is stronger than regular silver and lasts for a lifetime. We want to be known for the Quality that we provide and the Bold designs that we offer.

Team Roohan