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Roohan 925 Sterling Silver Gladiator Ring For Men

Roohan 925 Sterling Silver Gladiator Ring For Men

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Inspire warrior-like confidence with the gladiator ring. This edgy piece makes a fierce first impression and demands a second look.

  • Cast in 925 sterling silver
  • Distinct gladiator silhouette for a powerful, statement-making look
  • Striking black accenting on the substantial band
  • Rounded inner band provides comfortable fit

With its standout gladiator design, this ring symbolizes strength, courage and masculinity. The bold silhouette and black detailing give it an urban edge and attitude.

For the modern, fashion-forward man looking to enhance his style, this gladiator ring adds instant edge to casual outfits and exudes a confident, warrior spirit. Slip it on and conquer the urban jungle.

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